Digital Darwins

Digital Darwin #5251

6.60 HTR



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Eyes Base 11.48%
Mouth Sad 7.23%
Skin White 27.93%
Head Black Afro 2.82%
Ears Base 79.89%
Background Green-Yellow Gradient 4.39%
Body Black T-Shirt 7.96%
Animation No 85.25%

Digital Darwins NFT 5251 of 7500

Floor price: 5 HTR*
Average price: 854 HTR

* Floor price is the lowest price for collection items, rather than the average item price, and is updated in real-time.

Last Sale: 8 HTR / 2023-03-22
Average: 19.94 HTR
Highest Sale: 100 HTR / 2022-02-19

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