Meta Aliens

Meta Alien #304

65 HTR

Seller: MrKent


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Price Date
15 HTR 8/5/2022 7:12 PM
15 HTR 8/5/2022 7:16 PM
Background Pastel Red 6.26%
Skin Adult Alien 56.00%
Tattoo None 83.98%
Skate None 94.46%
Clothes Gray Sweater with Cross-Body Bag 1.73%
Mouth Cute 25.05%
Eyes Tired 2.81%
Earrings Black Circle 4.09%
Earpods None 87.80%
Headwear Long Brown Headband 2.25%

Join the META ALIEN ARMY and become one of us. Only 2424 spots available!

Floor price: 39 HTR*
Average price: 480.18 HTR

* Floor price is the lowest price for collection items, rather than the average item price, and is updated in real-time.

Last Sale: 28.38 HTR / 2022-08-11
Average: 45.64 HTR
Highest Sale: 501 HTR / 2022-02-11

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