Old Treemen

Old TreeMen 5560

269 HTR

Seller: Hacashi


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Background Landscape 7.60%
Body Sahara Brown 6.29%
Clothes Orange Sweater 7.68%
Eyes Cyborg 0.78%
Accessory Leather Spiked Necklace 6.00%
Mouth Goatee 5.42%
Tree Baobab 3.36%

Old TreeMen #5560 of 6371

Floor price: 14.99 HTR*
Average price: 84.04 HTR

* Floor price is the lowest price for collection items, rather than the average item price, and is updated in real-time.

Last Sale: 1.01 HTR / 2024-03-03
Average: 144.86 HTR
Highest Sale: 284.72 HTR / 2024-01-28

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